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Schloss Zeilitzheim

Marktplatz 14

97509 Kolitzheim-Zeilitzheim



barockschloss (at)


I, Alexander von Halem, was born in Boston, MA, USA in 1969 of German parents (my dad was director of the Goethe Institute there, the German cultural events and language center). I lived in Pakistan, Scotland and Germany up until the age of 18 when I returned to the United States to travel and study.

I served as a graphics specialist in the United States Air Force and left the Air Force after 3 and a half years in order to accept an Army ROTC scholarship. Upon finishing studies (philosophy, art history) at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs I served on active duty as a U.S. Army (Armor/Cav) officer in the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment. Those years were marked by deployments to Haiti in 1994/95 and to Bosnia (1997/98).

I returned to Zeilitzheim in 1998 and became owner of the castle. I run the hotel together with my mother, Marina von Halem, and my wife Katalin.

I go by Alex with my American friends, whereas Germans call me Alexander. Don't ask me why... it just happened that way!


My wife, Katalin, is from Budapest, Hungary. She has been an integral part of the castle's hotel operations ever since coming on board the year I returned from the U.S. (1998). She studied hotel management in Hungary before moving to Germany. We got married in 2003.



We have two daughters (Katharina and Isa) who are growing up bilingually with German and Hungarian but are sure to add English as their first "foreign" language soon!


I speak English, so please feel free to contact me by email, chat or phone call (keep in mind that we are 6 to 9 hours "ahead" of you, depending on where you're calling from in the United States or Canada!



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